Name Kudamatsu Kasadojima Island Trail 2019
Purpose Kasadojima Island located in Kudamatsu-city is a scenic spot of “Setonaikai National Park”in Japan. In order for us to promote regional development, it is important to increase a number of visitors from inside and outside of Japan. From this point of view, “Kudamatsu Kasadojima Island Trail 2019” is a really relevant event. Furthermore, we aim at sustainable coexistence between people and valuable nature in the city.
Sponsor Executive Committee of Kudamatsu Kasadojima Island Trail
Co-Sponsor Kudamatsu City, The Chamber of Commerce in Kudamatsu, Youth of the Chamber of Commerce in Kudamatsu
Honorary Advisor Tsugumasa Muraoka, Govorner of Yamaguchi Pref.
Advisor Masuo Kunii, Mayor of Kudamatsu City
Producer of Event Shunsuke Okumiya, Tourism Advisor of Kudamatsu, belongs to “adidas TERREX” Kudamatsu
ゲストランナー Kimino Miyazaki
招待選手 Toru Higashi
Secretariat Sponsor of Kudamatsu Kasadojima Island Trail
(The Chamber of Commerce in Kudamatsu)
Athlete’s Desk “ITADAKI”, General Corporation
Date of Meeting February 10, 2019 (Sun)
Place of Meeting

Running Competition: : “Kasadojima Heights” : start/goal point
14,Kasadojima, Kudamatsu,744-0001,Yamaguchi-ken
(phone : 81-833-52-0150)

Eve of the Competition: : “Oojo”
14-1,Kasadojima, Kudamatsu, 744-0001, Yamaguchi-ken
(phone : 81-833-52-0138)

Parking Designated area of JXTG, Hitachi, Kaihin-Park and Public Road side: Shuttle bus service available from/to the parking JXTG.
Fixed Number
  • ・32km long -distance run : 550 persons
  • ・19km short-distance run : 300 persons
  • ・Sponsor Authorization, etc. : 50 persons
  • ・The Eve : 100 persons
Registration Fee
  • ・For 32km-run : ¥7,300
  • ・For 19km-run : ¥5,300

*A part of the registration fee,¥300, will be utilized for environmental protection for Kasadojima Island.

Prize for Participation An original T-shirt and a bottle of sports-drink .

Registered runner must be confident in success of the race and consider the environmental protection.

*Registered runner under 18 years old needs to submit an evidence of parents.

*Prior to qualification all applicants are advised to refer to the homepage of the event.

Prize Giving
  • ・General : First through sixth-goaled runner in all categories
  • ・Category : Age under 29, thirties, forties, fifties and over 60 for both man and woman runner
    (”General” prize priors to “Category” prize and duplication not authorized.)
Period of Invitation From 29th of September 2018 to 9th of December 2018, by Japan time basis
Application Online application by “run-net
ITRA Point Under application for 32km run only
  • Sports Event Insurance
  • Terms and Conditions : ¥2,000,000 per death and aftereffect
  • Hospitalization : ¥3,000 per day-stay
  • Doctoring : ¥1,500 per day
  • *Mountaineer Insurance : not insured
  • *The Sponsor has no obligation to third party’s illness, damages, etc.,
  • *Any insurance except the above mentioned is excluded from our responsibility.

Time schedule

February 9t(Sat)

11:00〜15:00 Registration for runner and “Trail-run seminar”
*11:00~11:45 For “Trail run seminar”:
12:00~15:00 Trail Run Seminar by Shunsuke Okumiya (Maximum 30 persons)
16:15〜18:15 The Eve of “Trail Run”

February 10(Sun)

6:00〜7:30 Registration for 32km-run,
*until 8:30 for 19km -run
7:45~8:00 Opening Ceremony
8:00〜8:30 Briefing and Warm-up Exercise for 30km-run
8:30 Start : Group-A for 32km- run
8:45 Start : Group-B for 32km-run
9:00~9:30 Briefing and Warm-up Exercise for 19km-run
9:30 Start : Group-C for 19km-run
13:30 Prize-Giving Ceremony, provisionally
16:00 Finale, provisionally


Regulations of “Kudamatsu Kasadojima Island Trail 2019” is composed with competition rule, equipment rule, environment protection, registration, personal privacy and others.

Rule of Competition

  • 1.The winner is authorized as a runner who goaled at the shortest time.
  • 2.If a runner is not arrived at any point described below within a limited time, he/she must stop running the course and then ask a person in charge of the point.
    Long course(Group A)
    Limited maximum time of the long course: 7 hours 30 minutes, until 16:00.
    • First check-point(Shirahama Aid Point):
      7km point of the race; Guideline time 10:30
    • Second check point : (Fukaura Aid Point):
      11km point of the race, Guideline time 12:30
    • Third check point (Shirahama Aid-point):
      20km point of the race, Guideline time 13:30
    • Forth check point(Hon-ura Aid point):
      26km point of the race, Guideline time 14:30
    Long Course(Group B)
    Limited maximum time of the long course: 7 hours 30 minutes, until 16:15
    • First check point(Shirahama Aid point):
      7km point of the race, Guideline time 10:45
    • Second Check point(Fukaura Aid point):
      11km point of the race, Guideline time 12:45
    • Third Check point(Shirahama Aid point):
      20km of the race, Guideline time, 13:15
    • Forth Check point(Hon-ura Aid point):
      26km of the race, Guideline time, 14:45
    Short Course(Group C)
    Limited maximum time of the course: 5 hours, until 14:30
    • irst Check point(Shirahama Aid point):
      7 km point of the race, Guideline time, 11:30
    • Second Check point(Hon-Ura Aid point):
      13 km point of the race, Guideline time 13:30
  • 3.If a runner could not finish the race within the limited time, then he/she won’t be handled as a finisher.
    • Long course(32km) : limited time : 7 hours 30 minutes
    • Long course(32km) : limited time : 7 hours 30 minutes
  • 4.Each runner is required to run according to the marking tapes those are installed every 500 meter interval in the course. Therefore, the runner is requested to return to the previous position if he/she couldn’t find the marking tape appropriately.
  • 5.Each runner must not move the direction indicator plate, marking tape, rope and cone.
  • 6.In any case, each runner is required to give way to local climber(s) and/or facilities user(s) during the race.
  • 7.Each runner can only bring food and drinks those are brought at the time of starting point.
  • 8.Each runner must return the number card and measuring instrument to the person in charge when he/she gives up the race.
  • 9.In case each runner gives up the race on the way, he/she is requested to return the measuring instrument to the person in charge.
  • 10.If a runner is found any violation as shown below, he/she is requested to stop the race.
    • Violation of the competition rule
    • Violation of equipment rule
    • Violation against the regulation for natural environment protection.
    • False name, qualification ,etc.,
    • Runner who wears any equipment that may disturb the other runners.
    • Drunken runner
    • Any other runner who is judged being unable to participate by the medical staff
    • Any runner who disregards the rule.
    • Any runner who didn’t arrive at the designated point within the limited time.
    • Any runner who is accompanied with someone without previously designated.
    • Any runner who shortcut the course.
    • Any runner who removed the measuring equipment.

Equipment Rule

  • 1.Each runner must wear the following equipment throughout the race.
    • a.Mobile phone which is registered at the Registration desk
    • b.A mobile cup, over 150ml capacity
    • c.Water: over 1,000ml at the starting point
    • d.Food necessary specifically for each runner in case of emergence
      *Food supply is ready at each Aid-Point, but is limited. Therefore, each runner is required to bring food by your own decision for unexpected accident.
    • e.Plastic sheet sized over 130cmx200cm for emergent use
    • f.Whistle
    • g.Course map
      *Recommendable to download from the site.
    • h.Rainwear (or Jacket with hood)
    • i.Long sleeve shirt against for cold weather
    • j.Long tights against for cold weather.
    • k.First aid kit such as adhesive plaster
    • l.Health insurance certificate
    • m.Rucksack
    • n.Number card received at the registration desk
  • 2.Number card must be fixed firmly in front. of the body.
  • 3.Any equipment such as earphone that may disturb communication must not be worn.
  • 4.Each runner must not participate the event by bare foot or sandal.
  • 5.Each runner must not use a stick(s).
  • 6.Each runner must outfit yourself.
  • 7.The registration desk may check the runners’ equipment without notice.
  • 8.Each runner may be disqualified if he/she violates the competition rule.

Environment Protection

  • 1.Do not throw away garbage to the course.
  • 2.Do not use/bring stick or branch that may be found in the course.
  • 3.Each runner must not use any heater or fire in the course.
  • 4.Do not pick or gather any plants in the course.
  • 5.Do not damage intentionally any plants.
  • 6.Do not use the toilet other than the ones prepared in advance by the desk.
  • 7.Any runner who violates the environmental protection rule must be disqualified.

Application rule

  • 1.Applicant must agree with all regulations of the event.
  • 2.Applicant must obey all regulation indicated by the Sponsor.
  • 3.After finishing the registration, any applicant must not change, cancel and request reimbursement.
  • 4.Overpayment will not be reimbursed.
  • 5.The competition may be changed or cancelled in case of unforeseeable weather conditions etc.,
  • 6.In case the competition is cancelled by unforeseeable natural condition, registration fee will not be reimbursed.
  • 7.In case of any illness, injury suffered during the competition, the desk will assist to take care for initial care. However, the desk will not be responsible for the illness.
  • 8.In case any accident, illness happened during the competition, the desk will compensate within the insurance conditions.
  • 9.Any personal information, such as photo, article and records, is authorized as the Sponsor’s right.
  • 10.If any violation found against the regulation during the competition, the desk will cancel its participation to the event, giving prize and un-authorization to the next competition.
  • 11.Once applicant finish the registration procedure, he/she is considered to be agreed to the Rule of Competition.

General information regarding personal privacy

Personal information of each applicant received will be used only for this event and its related ones.

Other Information

  • 1.General information such as Time schedule, participants, prize, application number, guest and its rule may be revised, therefore, each applicant is required to follow updated information of home-page, agreement.
  • 2.All members who applied to event will be received the registration card approx.10days before the event. Therefore, each member is required to confirm the contents and prepare for the event.
  • 3.If any problem in your health condition, you are required to immediately notice to the desk.
    We are ready to station the first aid squad at a strategic point and ready to take care for that.
  • 4.All participants are required to bring a copy of your health insurance certificate.
  • 5.All baggage and belongings except valuables are ready to keep in the designated area in Kasadojima Heights.
  • 6.At the day of the event, registered runner may be free to drink at the designated place.
  • 7.Garbage come from your own belongings must be brought back for keeping clean the place.
  • 8.Participants arrived by car must park the designated area.
  • 9.In case you face an accident at the parking area, the desk will not liable for the loss.
  • 10.In case measuring equipment that a runner received previously from the desk is lost or damaged, the runner must compensate ¥4,320 per unit.