national youth hostels “Oojou” 国民宿舎大城
14-1, Kasadojima, Kudamatsu, 744-0001,Yamaguchi(phone:+81 833-52-0138)

Shuttle bus service(free)

Operate time: 5:30-9:30

Shuttle bus service available from/to the parking JXTG.

1 night with a flight round ticket tour

We offer 1 night with a flight round ticket tour.

Also available a plan with Eve party.

1 night with a flight round ticket

Arrival date: 7 March(sat)

with dinner and breakfast included

From 34,800~
Departure HANEDA Airport


Accommodation plan

The plans are organized and conducted by Bocho Travel. Please refer the conditional document for more details.

No attendants available. We will give you necessary documents, please proceed by yourself.

Please pay yourself for any personal expenses and associated service charges.

Hotel: national youth hostels “Oojou” 国民宿舎大城

Arrival date: 7 March(sat)

minimum number of participants:1

1 night with Eve party and breakfast plan

fee 13000/adult
type of room unfixed

If you use a room with 2 or more people (1 person for a western style room), you will be charged separately for that.
An individual booking will have a western style room or a share room.

1 night with dinner and breakfast plan

dinner: Japanese style

fee 15000/adult
type of room unfixed

Children 3 yo to elementary school studnets can choose hamburg set or steak set. Please refer in the remarks column.

Late check out

check out until 17:00 / 3,000

Accommodation request

If you would like us to arrange accommodation, please fill out and submit the form below. We will write back to you.
Plesae keep the copy of your booking.


Booking close: 24 Jan, 2020

You will be charged if you cancel your booking according to the cancellation policy below.

Cancellation policy
About Cancellation fee Cancellation fee
up to 20 days before arrival days in advance 20%
up to 7 days before arrival days in advance
up to 2 days before arrival days in advance
up to a days before arrival days in advance 50%
on the day 100%

We will deposit the amount of difference in case of your cancellation.
We will diduct the transfer fee.



3-9-1-702 Chuo, Yanai, Yamaguchi JAPAN

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